The Gowanbank Hub is a Charity in Scotland founded in February 2021. We were officially incorporated in April 2021 as a community interest company and achieved charitable status in September 2021. We are a non-profit organization operated by a Board of trustees to help vulnerable people and families across Glasgow.

Our purpose is to provide support to vulnerable people and act as a trusted voice for the vulnerable people and families we serve. We must have integrity.

We work quickly, effectively, and efficiently to support our service users.  Our approach is to be aware, focus, and act only in the best interest of our service users.

We support vulnerable people and families across South West Glasgow by working alongside partners and supporting people who need our help.

What We Do

We Serve Our Community

At The Gowanbank Hub, we deliver compassionate help and support, whether responding to an immediate crisis or supporting recovery activity. We work to improve financial and emotional well-being and relationships. We aim to make a phenomenal impact on economic and food insecurity,  deprivation, Social Isolation, and health inequality across the South of Glasgow.




Everyweek we provide on average we provide 68 emergency food parcels to some of the most vulnrable people across Glasgow South West.

Emergency Fuel

Each week we process 38 emergency fuel vouchers for families and vulnerable people in need.

Hygiene Packs

Each week we provide over 20 personal hygiene packs to vulnerable women and teenages living on the breadline.

Emergency Clothing

Each week we provided over 30 kg of emergency clothing to vulnerable families and people in need.

Welfare and Benefits

Each week we provided help and support to service users around a number of issues sarronding benefits and wefare.

Suicide Prevention

At The Gowanbank Hub a number of our volunteers have undergone ZSA Training   to support individuals, communities and organisations to tackle suicide within their communities. The training is endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing.

Lifesaving Medical Training

All of volunteers have undergone life saving first aid and Naloxone training.

Substance Misuse

All our vounteers have undergone CPD Accreditied Training  in Suicide Violent Behavior and Substance Abuse.

Domestic Abuse

A select number of our volunteers of undergone specialist training to help deal with people in domestic abusive realtionships.


We work in collaboration with with a number of orginsations to provide help to families suffering in poverty

Donations for our work

Vulnerable people are at greater risk of violence, abuse and self harm. We rely on your donations to reduce this and keep our communities most vulnerable people safe.

Every donation you give makes all the difference the world to our work in supporting the most vulnerable and over looked members of our society.

Who We Work With

From small local to multi-national organisations. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of all of our supporters big and small.

If you would like to support us please contact us.