Play Peice Poverty campaign ensures free mid morning snack for Glasgow Kids.

Our crisis support centre ran a survey among 760 parents, of which 190 told us how they were keeping their children off school due to “play piece poverty” with an average of four days of education lost every month per child.

Billy Coull, who is the charities CEO, said: “The findings from our survey revealed the crippling impact poverty is having on children in the South of Glasgow. “

“We warmly welcome the council’s mid-morning snack plan, it is going to be vital to the education of children of hundreds in Glasgow and will hopefully eradicate play piece poverty.”

“It will support academic success and contribute to the nutritional needs of children.”

Meanwhile, the local authority is urging parents to get in touch with schools to see if they are entitled to additional holiday meal payments that come as part of recovery plans in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “The announcement last week about the morning snack for primary and eligible secondary pupils is in addition to Covid recovery funding that’s being provided to families most in need.“

This includes additional holiday payments to families who are eligible for free school meals.

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