Local charity bring festive joy to hundreds.

Picture of meals for families outside local charity head office on peat road.

Local hub and crisis support has brung festive joy to hundreds of families across greater pollok and beyond. The charity that provides compassionate care and support to vulnerable people across South West Glasgow has received praise from local residents for their hard work in ensuring that no table goes empty this year.

CEO and father of three Billy Coull said:

“The team at the hub is committed to providing access to support to families in hardship. The support we offer is provided with respect and dignity. “

“We understand that this here has been a very difficult year filled with sadness , sorrow and loss. With even more people facing deprivation than before.”

“The hub will do everything that we can to bring happiness and joy to the people across our community and Beyond.”

Volunteers at work sorting presents for distribution to local residents in need.

On the 20th December the charity started to distribute Christmas meals. The director of community engagement dawn peart said:

“We aimed to provide a three course meal to disadvantaged people consisting of starter of soup, Turkey and trimmings and desert to over 50 families. However we tripled or expection.”

Due to recent defaming rumours circulated on social media the charity brought in an two independent observers who are members of the local community.

Margaret an 45 year old local resident said :

“I was taken a back by how many people the volunteers had helped. I was trying to keep track. However I recorded just over 124 Christmas meals , and around 59 normal food parcels. And countless toys”

Tammie another local resident said:

“The hub team acted quickly, they new what they where doing and people just kept coming. Some people were so happy with the help got they got the broke down in tears.”

Chief executive officer billy Coull said :

“We mustn’t forget that we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this amazing thing if not for the help and support of our supporters and donors.”

Earlier statistics suggest that the charity has helped over 448 people with Christmas dinners (based on family of 4)and over 130 children.

Nursery teacher stands with surprise gifts from the hub crisis support Center

Local nurseries and Children’s Unit receive surprise gifts

The local community hub and crisis support service in greater...

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