Nursery teacher stands with surprise gifts from the hub crisis support Center

Local nurseries and Children’s Unit receive surprise gifts

The local community hub and crisis support service in greater pollok has provided a local nursery school and residential children’s unit with surprise gifts.

CEO billy Coull has spoken out in a statement:

“Christmas is about spreading cheer and joy. These local services are within the top 15 of the Scottish index of multiple deprivation and some families might be to ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help so let’s work together to ensure we reach the people who need it most at the right time.”

On being asked about providing gifts to a local childrens home the 34 year chief executive said

“looked after and accommodated children live here they are part of our community and deserve the same benefits as regular children”

The young charity received public praise across social media with one user saying:

“Well done guys you are amazing keep up the good work have a very merry Christmas with your families you definitely deserve that hope Santa is good to you all ❤️

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