Delivery of a donation by local bowling club.

A overwhelming display of support

There has been a totally overwhelming and amazing show of public and commercial support for the gowanbank hub and crisis support centre by many members of the community and local businesses.

Community Development Officer Dawn Peart said:

“I would just like to thank everyone for their continued support and how everyone has shown their support to us in many ways. Whether its comments of support on our posts or being very understanding when speaking to us to rearrange appointments due to the new restrictions in place”

She continued…

“ … But want take a moment to thank everyone for their donations today. Although I want to make a special Thanks to St roberts church for their wonderful donation of not only food but gifts for our older children for the toy drive. A huge thank you to morrisons cardonald for their donation today food as well as gifts for the children for christmas and a massive Thank you to morrisons newlands for donations as well today. . .And last but by no means least to crookston bowling club for their absolutely huge donation that was soo big. It took up a full box truck.”

The charity that provides compassionate support for families and individuals in crisis estimates that the total retail value must be in excess of £5,000 including food and toys.

Billy Coull the chief executive officer of the community based organisation issued a statement that said:

“Thank you everyone for your kindness and showing how amazing we all can be when we all come together to help as many people as we can. Alot of people will be able to have amazing things over this festive period”

The pollok based charity aims to feed over 50 families this Christmas.

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