The hub receives AED device for community use.

The Gowanbank hub and crisis support centred in greater pollock has been donated a lifesaving AED (defibrillator) that can help save many lives in the community.

All volunteers have been trained on how to use the device by St. Andrews ambulances service a leading first aid provider in Scotland.

a spokes person for the hub said :

“We are delighted to have been donated this lifesaving peace of kit by St. Andrews ambulance. This piece kit will help us saves in the event in an emergency.”

The charity that has a goal of making real changes in the community intends to register the device on the BHF emergency registrar for public use.

The fledgling charity has received praise for the community for their ambition.

One person saying John Mc:

“The device is placed ideally, because of the local home and old persons unit up the road.”

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