CEO says “Country at precipice of energy crisis… “

Today THE GOWANBANK HUB made plea to UK government to closely regulate of subsidise UK or see image of places to avoid energy crisis to not only people on benefits but those who are working.

Chief executive officer of The Gowanbank Hub made a plea on behalf of the charity and in fact the nation need to closely regulate UK wholesale energy prices. As the raising costs are affecting the pockets of every individual including those people who are in work.

The 34-year-old chief executive officer Billy Coull today told a reporter for the Evening Times:

“With the country is at the precipice of an energy crisis, this crisis is not only going to be affecting people who are on benefits but also people who are working. Something must be done now!”

“ We appeal to the UK government to closely regulate the wholesale energy market or perhaps consider applying subsidies to energy providers. In my opinion energy providers are doing all they can to support and help customers in difficulty. I don’t think it’s fair that Energy providers should continue to make losses on The provision of vital service that every person and business across the nation requires.”

The Southside based crisis centre brought to the light a story of a 54-year-old man him lives in south side of Glasgow. He told the evening time journalist about How he was caught in a borrowing trap as a result of the inflated costs.

The gentleman who lives in Pollok who wished not to me name said:

“I’ll borrow a tenner here and there just to get by, but that’s secured on the money that I get in. Then when I pay that back I’m back in the same position again. So I’m stuck in the same cycle over and over again.”

Currently the Single 54-year-old man pays £30 a week to keep his lights on.

The Hub is fighting on behalf of a the Glasgow Southwest community to have energy prices Lowered, Although Downing Street is showing no sign or suggestion to help customers keep costs low.

A spokes person for prime minister Boris Johnson said :

“ I am not aware of any changes at the moment, but this will be kept under review. We are listening to those who are most affected.”

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