The Gowanbank hub pleased to announce partnership with HomeHeatingAdvice

The Gowanbank Hub and Crisis Support Centre nter is pleased to announce today that we have become a referral partner for are working in partnerships with the Scottish Government to deliver the Scottish home heating support fund to Scottish Households struggling with energy costs,

The Scottish Government has made £3 million available to support families suffering who are experiencing significant hardship.

CEO Billy Coull said:

“We are delighted to announce a today that we have received confirmation from homeheatingadvice.Scot that we are now a referral partner. This will be a phenomenal addition to our current portfolio of service offerings that we currently provide to some of the most vulnerable families within our community.”

“We urge people to who are experiencing significant hardship to make get in contact with a member of our energy advice team…It is very important that our service users are aware that you will need to be able to provide proof of your current financial situation”

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