Glasgow Retail Giant Shows continued support for The Hub as it donates over 170 Footballs

The Gowanbank Hub and Crisis Support center in Greater Pollok is “KICKING OFF” a new year; it’s fighting to end poverty, deprivation and improve emotional wellbeing by providing children at local schools and nurseries with footballs. 

Children and teachers from Burnbrae Nursery School in Greater Pollok receiving donated Footballs.

The Charity that works with many community-focused businesses is working closely with one of Scotland’s largest convivence stores one o one to combat childhood poverty. The chain store has donated over 170 footballs to the community-focused Charity to kick off the year of activities to provide compassion, help, and support in immediate crisis. 

A spokesperson from the one o one said: “As part of our continued commitment to working with charities to help those most in need in our local communities, we hope this donation will help this charity continue with their great work supporting local families.” 

Stephen Jackson, Retail Area Business Manager at One-O-One, said: 

“..One O One will continue to work with the Hub to see where we can further support tackle child poverty in the local communities we trade in.”

(Right)Teacher From Local Primary School Featured with (Left) Scott (Coordinator).

Billy Coull, Chief Executive officer for The Gowanbank Hub, said;

“As a charity we really on the support of numerous partners across all business sectors, Especialespeciallyey have social values of helping us beat poverty and even more so childhood poverty.” 

“The most recent statistics estimate that 34% of children in Glasgow are living in relative poverty, That’s 36,100 children and only From the data currently availed, the authorities have been able to identify 25,485 of those children.” “By working with partners like one o one, The Gowanbank hub will be able to identify even more families and disadvantaged children.” 

The crisis support center based in the Pollok, one of Glasgow’s most deprived areas (SMID), relies on the generous donations of grants, the general public, and the generosity of local businesses to continue its work. 

The times have reported period periodically on The Gowanbank Hub and Crisis Support Center’s work from its conceptions in march 2021. They have watched in astonishment as nothing more than the self-proclaimed “scheme maws” have come to do and achieve so much in just under a year. 

The Charity is worried about the future survival of the Charity. The Charity is appealing to the goodwill of the people of Glasgow including businesses, and perhaps even the odd millionaire. 

The CEO said: 

“All donations are accepted without prejudice to continue the vital work of our Charity. You can not imagine the difference or the contribution that your donations make to our originations.” 

“Your donations, no matter how small or large, really do make all the difference in the world to the families we help that are in immediate crisis.”

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