Awards and Memberships

Finalist St Andrews First Aid Charity

The Gowanbank Hub where a finalist in the St Andrews Charity of the year awards 2021.

Charity Excellence Framework

The Gowanbank Hub was awarded the charity excellence framework quality mark in April 2022

Information commissionaires office

The Gowanbank Hub is registered with the information commissionaires office. To ensure 100% compliance when handling personal data.

 International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

The Gowanbank Hub is international practitioners of holistic medicine. This means that our practitioners have undertaken the required  training to carry a number of therapies.

Pledge to ZERO

The Gowanbank Hub is committed to going net zero by 2030.


The Gowanbank Hub is a verified naloxone administer . This means that all our volunteers have been trained to safely administer life saving medical help during an opioid crisis.

#Keep the Promise

The Gowanbank Hub  has an ambition ‘to be the best place in the world to grow up’ so that children are ‘loved, safe, and respected and realise their full potential’. We made a commitment our most vulnerable children that “we will work to give them the childhood they deserve.”


A number of The Gowanbank Hub  volunteers have completed the requirements to perform immediate life saving medical treatment in an emergency.