Complaints Policy

You will receive written confirmation that we are dealing with your request within 4 working days. 

The Office Manager shall endeavor to investigate and report her findings and any action taken to you within a further 5 working days.  

If the matter merits a more detailed investigation, or for some other reason we cannot process the complaint within 5 working days, then you shall be given written notice and an indication of the time -frame for resolving the issues.  

Not Happy With the Outcome?  

If you are unhappy with the outcome of the Office Manager’s investigation of your complaint you can appeal.  

You can register your complaint by phone, letter, email or fax and should mark it for the attention of the “Chief Executive Officer”.  

The Chief Executive Officer or appropriate Senior Officer should investigate your complaint again and provide you with a written record of his/her findings.  

This process shall take no longer than 4 weeks, although in most cases it should be completed sooner.  

If you have any comments to make on any Money Matters Money Advice Centre services, please do not hesitate to telephone or email us. 

Manager Responsible 

Claire McArthur

Date reviewed 

December 2021