Corporate Partnerships

We believe that everyone should have a lifetime of equality, respect, and love.
If you think your organization or company can support us in our vision, get in touch by emailing Dawn Peart, our Fundraising and Partnerships Manager, here.
Corporate partnerships can take many different shapes, including volunteering, gifts in kind, employment, and fundraising.

Ways to Partner with US.

Make a difference through a mutually beneficial partnership with one of Scotland’s Grassroots Charities. 

Why support us?

We have a proven track record in working with corporate partners to help them achieve their goals while also making a difference in the lives of children, young people, and adults with experience of poverty and deprivation. We offer a unique opportunity for companies to support this community when poverty and lack are in the public and political spotlight.

Our vision

By delivering compassionate help and support, whether responding to an immediate crisis or supporting recovery, we can positively impact our service users’ financial & emotional well-being and relationships.

Charity of the Year – we know a successful Charity of the Year partnership comes in many forms.  As your charity partner, it will come naturally to us to listen to what you want out of a partnership – we’ll make sure our partnership works for you and your people. From solid account management to creating impactful reports and hosting lively employee engagement opportunities – our promise to you is a year of making memories and impact alongside a cause that continues to grow in public recognition.

Unforgettable events

  • We will provide opportunities for sponsorship at our calendar of events, including our annual phenomenal event.
  • You can raise awareness of The Gowanbank Hub through your events. Your events can create a valuable platform for The Gowanbank Hub and showcase your social impact by raising awareness and funds through brand partnership.
  • You may also choose to make us beneficiary of your events.

Strategic partnership opportunities

  • Hosting corporate networking events with us will help us extend The Gowanbank Hub’s reach while ensuring your stakeholders can see the support you are giving.
  • Through cause-related sponsorship, you could pledge support for our cause through our campaigning events.

Social mobility – we’re the experts.

At The Gowanbank Hub, we know that the challenges of getting into and sustaining employment are much higher for those who have experienced poverty and deprivation. As an employer, if you focus more on social mobility, diversity, and inclusion within your workplace, we’ve got the knowledge, skills, and connections to support you.  At The Gowanbank Hub, around 60% of our workforce are poverty and deprivation Experienced, and we are continually working to increase this. We have excellent knowledge and insight into how best to support people who have experienced poverty and deprivation to thrive. Our Employment Team can help employers across Scotland to create meaningful employment opportunities for poverty and deprivation Experienced people.

Sustainability – We’re in it for the long haul… will you join us?   

Speak to most charities, and they’ll tell you it’s challenging to find funding that is unrestricted, flexible, or long-term. Would you like to become one of our long-term corporate partners – helping us achieve our growth plans as we respond to the needs of helping vulnerable people experiencing poverty and deprivation to have their voice heard?


Cause-related marketing – What if every time you sell a product, your service, or get a new customer, the smile on your face leads to a smile on ours? Reach new audiences and communicate your values through a cause-related marketing strategy.

Inspire your people – Employee engagement  – It’s never been more critical for your people to understand how they can meaningfully get involved with a local cause, either individually or as a team. Would you please help us to demonstrate your company’s values to your people?

Be kind with in-kind – as a charity; we need to be efficient with our limited resources, maximizing the impact of our work to as many care experienced people as possible.  Supporting our work through our corporate partners’ skills, services, and products can make a big difference, whether that’s your multi-media team helping design our following annual report, a trustee for our board, a secondment opportunity, or more.

Current Cooperate Partners

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