Customer Care Policy

(1) Introduction
Customer care covers all areas of work carried out by The Gowanbank Hub.  It is important that you know what you can expect from us.  The standards set out in this policy have been developed as a result of feedback from people who use our service.  Staff will receive training in customer care based on these standards and their performance against them will be monitored.
a) Purpose
This policy identifies and describes The Gowanbank Hub approach to delivering good quality customer care.  It establishes a cultural approach to Customer Care as well as formal monitoring systems that will help monitor how Customer Care is delivered during service provision in the local community.
b) Scope
This policy covers both internal and external customers.  It will determine the appropriate standards of customer care required for National Standards for staff when they aim to:
Interact with clients face to face
Written communication to client or outside organisation
Communicating with other organisations
Representation at appeals
Communicating with colleagues
c) Principles
The Gowanbank Hubis a customer focused organisation and this is central to our core values.
Being Customer Focused means that staff will seek to understand and respond to the needs and expectations of the customer.
In addition, it means that services will be designed around the needs of customers first by identifying what customers want from a service and then attempting to deliver on those needs.
The Gowanbank Hubwill make sure all contact with customers and organisations are carried out with good customer care in mind.
In working with individuals, groups and organisations, staff will seek to ensure that The Gowanbank Hubretains its reputation as a customer focused organisation that seeks to provide sustainable and good quality customer services to the local community.
Every member of staff will be personally responsible for delivering good quality customer care within the guidelines and procedures as developed by this policy.
They will take ownership of queries/questions that are asked of them.
(2) What are the Standards?
Good customer care can be delivered by staff on the following standards:-
Be courteous and respectful to customers at all times
Provide Customers with clear information about how to contact us
Ensuring that the customer knows what they can expect from our service and what the service requires the customer to do
Return telephone calls on same day, or if this is not possible acknowledge messages within 2 days
(3) Monitoring Framework
A customer care report will be produced and presented to the board of directors on an annual basis. All monitoring of our standards in our customer care will be carried out by:
Customer satisfaction surveys
Consulting with user groups forums
Telephone monitoring
Monitoring compliments and complaint figures
All information you give us will be monitored and fed back into developing new standards every 12 months.  We will publish our results in our Annual Report where we will be open and honest about our performance against them.

 (4) Policy Implementation
This policy will be implemented through a number of processes, procedures and documents such as:-
(a) Recruitment
The Gowanbank Hubrecognises that good customer care is as much about staff attitude as it is about training and implementing procedures, therefore The Gowanbank Hubwill ensure that job interview processes will scope an applicant’s understanding of customer care and their willingness to deliver a good quality customer focused service.
(b) Training
All staff will receive customer care training at least every 2 years. This may take the form of training or internal refresher training.  In addition to training staff will consider customer care issues during their day to day work, ensuring that concerns are raised and dealt with during team meeting’s, 1-2-1’s and appraisals.
The Gowanbank Hubare committed to meeting and exceeding our Customer Care standards and providing you with the best quality service
Please contact our Office Manager if:
You have any comments about this policy or our Customer Care Standards.
You feel we are not meeting our Customer Care Standards, or can suggest a better way of meeting them.
You have any compliments or Complaints about any of the services we provide
You can contact us by telephone: 0141 445 5221 by email to or via our website
Manager Responsible
Billy Coull Cheif Executive Officer
 Date reviewed
December 2021