Emergency food

No organization – no matter how large – can replace the dignity of having enough money coming to cover the cost of essentials, Whether it’s from secure employment that pays the real living wage or from a benefits system that works and saves people from being swept into the depths of poverty.

That’s why The Gowanbank Hub offers additional support to deliver more than food; we want to tackle the root causes that lock people into poverty and build people’s resilience, so they are less likely to need any food bank in the future. This could help find help with benefits, housing, debt, or a referral to a special advisor.

“No one should go without essentials – we’re here to help.”

As a community, we expect no one should be without the bare essentials. Illness, disability, family breakdown, or the loss of a job can happen to anyone. We owe it to ourselves to ensure sufficient financial support is in place when our communities most vulnerable people need it most. For too many people, just making ends meet is a daily struggle.

People living with disabilities, health conditions, families with children, and single parents are groups of people who have been hit harshly by the ever-increasing costs of necessities like food and housing. Unfortunately, they’re most likely to require our help.

While we work together with other organizations on structural issues that lock people into poverty, The Gowanbank Hub provides the best possible emergency food and support to people in crisis across the South West Glasgow Area and broader areas.

We work closely with schools, community groups, and people within the community to identify people in need of help, and there is no need for food vouchers to receive our support.

The Gowanbank Hub welcomes and supports everyone referred to us, always treating them with respect and upholding their dignity. Volunteers will give a minimum of three days’ emergency food and offer people support to resolve the difficulties they face.

“I can’t thank the team at The Hub enough, The Food-bank that The Hub Crisis Support Center was their for me and my 3 children when no one else was. The volunteer Support worker I spoke to on at 7pm on Sunday night really did care. I was provided with a weeks worth of emergency food for me and kids, £49 emergency fuel voucher  and even play piece for the kids”

Standard Items We Provide:

  • Cereal
  • honey / Jam / Peanut Butter / Marmite
  • bags of unsulphured dried fruit
  • tinned fruit in juice, not syrup
  • pasta and noodles (ready-made)
  • vacuum-packed gnocchi and filled pasta
  • Rices – basmati, long grain, arborio
  • tinned tomatoes/tomato purée /
  • tinned and dried lentils & mixed beans and chickpeas
  • tinned sweetcorn and peas & vegetables
  • jars of curry paste and sauces
  • tinned or jarred tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel
  • tinned or jarred meats, Pork, corn beef, and chicken
  • tinned meals ( curry, meatballs, sausages and spaghetti, tinned pies etc)

Standard Meal Plan for one Adult.

“Hunger can lead to lower math scores, attention problems, and behavior, emotional, and academic problems. We must provide food for the children of families who are in hardship. Beans, Soup, Pasta, and sauces just won’t do.”
Dawn Peart – Children and families lead

Special Arrangements for Children and Young People

There is good evidence to suggest that children and young people from those households impacted by poverty and deprivation who rely on foodbanks have poorer social, behavioral and cognitive outcomes than better-off living within the same area.

At The Gowanbank Hub, we provide neutrally balanced meals to children and young people commonly found amongst their peers’ age group. In the hope of overcoming those barriers.

Children’s Items We Provide:

  • Kids Cereal
  • Frozen Fish fingers, chicken nuggets, pizza, and sausages.
  • Chips / waffles / Shapes /
  • Peas / Beans / Spaghetti Shapes / Carrots
  • Custard / Rice Pudding / Fruit
  • Cake Mix
  • Play Piece snack
  • Chocolate Spread

(items may be subject to change)