Emotional Well-being & Relationships

Creating personal relationships, especially in childhood, plays an essential part in physical and mental health. Emotional well-being- and positive relationships can also provide robust protection against poverty and trauma.

We know that damaging relationships in childhood and other adverse life experience can cause lead to risky behaviors in later life, this limiting an individual’s opportunities over the long term and put them at greater risk of suffering from poverty, deprivation, and self Isolation. The Gowanbank Hub understands the clear but very complex connection between emotional well-being, Relationships, and poverty.

At The Gowanbank Hub want to be part of the solution to overcome this; we want to create protected environments for our children and young people. These include having a warm and stable relationship with at least one parent or carer, having links to peers and teachers with positive attitudes, having resilience and self-efficacy, and being happy and engaged in school.

For adults, strong networks and support from family, friends, and neighbors are important. As well as access to high-quality schools, health and community services and access to appropriate advice when required.


  • We work to support individuals in addressing mental well-being issues, including managing their own experiences of trauma, shame, and stigma associated with poverty.
  • We work to create spaces for social interaction and connection to address social isolation and loneliness and create relationships.
  • We work to enabling communities to build their resilience to meet the challenges presented by poverty.