how we can help 


The Hub Crisis Support Center is here to support individuals and families  across South West Glasgow with a wide range of issues.

We are proud to make listening to you the foundation of what we do. We are non-judgemental and here to help in whatever way we can.

“…it felt more reassuring and less intimidating than going to scoial services and I felt I could just be more honest about everything”

If you are worried about anything or need some support there are several ways we can help you.

Practical Help

We are experts in housing and homelessness, sexual health, employment support and more. You can drop-in or contact us whenever we are open.

“It’s accessible and free. It helped me when other services turned me away”
Emotional support

We provide free and confidential counselling for individuals and families.

“The Volunteers at The Hub Center on Peat Road are not like the others, they help you no matter what, makes you feel good inside”

All services offered by The Hub Crisis Support Center are confidential – which means we won’t tell anyone outside the organisation, without your permission, that you are in contact with us, or what you tell us.  This includes your parents.

However, in exceptional circumstances if we believe that you or another person is at serious risk of harm then we would contact services that may help.  We would always try to tell you first.

If you are receiving counselling, your counsellor may share some information about your counselling with other staff within The Hub Crisis Support Center , if appropriate.  All of our counsellors have support from The Hub Crisis Support Center supervisors with whom they share information in order to ensure they are working ethically and effectively.