Housing Help

At The Hub Crisis Support Center  we don’t provide houses, but we do provide answers. From homelessness to home owner, we’ve housing advice for everyone.

A Guide to Renting Privately

Access our one-stop resource for people renting from a private landlord or letting agent

A Guide to Social Housing

This guide explains how to go about getting housing from the council or a registered social landlord (a housing association or housing cooperative)

A Guide to Homelessness

Read our guide on your rights and responsibilities and how you can find help

A Guide if you’re a Student

All you need to know about housing when you’re a student

Browse advice by topic

Homeless, sofa surfing, or nowhere safe to stay

Find out what homelessness is and how it can be avoided, plus how you can get help from the council, what your housing rights are and where to get help if you’re sleeping rough.

Finding a place to live

This section provides information about the different housing options available, from council housing, to renting to buying your own home.

Renting rights

If you rent your home rather than owning it, you will have a tenancy. A tenancy is a right to live in a property.

Paying for a home

This section contains information about paying your rent, deposits and information about rent arrears, mortgages, council tax and advice on what to do if you get into debt.

Are you homeless or at risk of becoming homeless? Find out how to apply to your nearest council for immediate help.

Eviction from your home

Facing eviction from your tenancy by your landlord? If you rent in Scotland from the council, private landlord or RSL find out your tenancy rights.

Repossession of your home and how to stop it

Repossession can often be stopped. Check the repossession procedures and what tenants and partners’ rights are and find out about the actual eviction process.

Repairs and bad conditions

Find out how to get repairs carried out in rented and owner-occupied housing and how to improve your accommodation if it’s unsuitable for your needs.

Domestic abuse and violence

This section looks at housing rights and where to get help if you are experiencing domestic abuse.

Relationship ending and your home

Find out your rights to stay in your home if your relationship ends and where to go if a partner asks you to leave.

Sharing your home with other people

You have rights and responsibilities when you live with other people. You can get support and financial help if you care for someone.

Complaints and going to court

Your housing rights are written in law. If you are being treated unfairly you can make complaints or take court action to put it right.

Information for disabled people

This section looks at housing issues you may face as a disabled person and explains your rights.

Healthy homes

This section looks at how you can keep your home warm, the effects of fuel poverty, how to make your home more energy efficient and where you can get help with the cost heating your home.

Neighbourhood problems

This section deals with antisocial behaviour, boundary disputes and has information on residents’ associations and planning issues.

Information for landlords

This section contains essential information for landlords, to help you understand your rights and responsibilities and the rights and responsibilities of your tenants.

Information provided on this page is provided thanks to shelter scotland.