What We Do

At The Gowanbank Hub, we work to improve financial & emotional well-being, relationships, and educational to make a positive impact on economic insecurity, deprivation, Social Isolation, and health inequality within our community.

We will make considerable changes to the lives of crisis experienced people. We want to show these individuals that living in poverty, deprivation, or another hardship is not the way things are just supposed to be.

We will make phenomenal changes by providing a package of compassionate support to crisis experienced individuals and families.

This package of support includes the following:

Practical Help

We provide support for people and families experiencing housing issues and homelessness, sexual health products, benefits and welfare support as well as the supply of emergency household essentials and facilitate the provision of emergency grants to individuals and families who are or at risk of destitution as a result of inequality (financial insecurity, food insecurity or other factor)

Emotional support

We provide free and confidential counselling for individuals and families.

We are members of The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). We work to support individuals in addressing mental well-being issues, including managing their own experiences of trauma, shame, and stigma associated with poverty.We work to create spaces for social interaction and connection to address social isolation and loneliness and create relationships. By doing these things we will enable our community of crisis experienced people to build their resilience to meet the challenges presented by poverty, deprivation and other inequalities.